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Misfits Hip-Hop

Location: 625 Osborne St.

Ages: 8 – 9 year olds (Grade 3-4)

Tuesday evenings: 6:30 p. m – 7:30 p. m


Class Pricing:

30 Weeks of Dance

1 Hours of Dance for 32 Weeks

$12.5 x 32 hours of dance = $400.00


Misfit's Hip-Hop is a class created for BEGINNER and dancers with SOME dance experience that want to explore Hip - Hop culture. Students will explore different dance movements in a safe and inclusive environment with the application of warm-up, team building, and choreography. Students will learn the fundamentals of the Hip-Hop dance culture and perform their yearly dance at our end of the year show May 2024.


Join the Movement TODAY!!!

Misfits Hip-Hop (Ages 8-9)

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