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Program for ages 12 & Up

Join the Movement with our annual summer camp.

Program for this age group is designed for dancers with dance experience. Dancers will explore multiple choreographies, activites and low organized games, throughout the week. This group will focus on leadership skills built on collaboration, and explore self choreography. We provide a safe and inclusive environment for all learners.

This year our camp is designed with multiple themes for students each day.


Weekly Schedule:

Mon July 24:

Team Building & Leadership

Tues July 25:

Tie-dye Day; (creating tie-dye garments).

Wed July 26:

Self Choreography

Thur July 27:

Slurpee Day; ( 5 minites walk to Cirle K with instructors).

Fri July 28:

BBQ lunch & Mini Show; (students perform the dances that they learned throughout the week for families at 2:40pm).

Throughout the week dancers will l