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The Start-Ups Hip-Hop

Location: 625 Osborne st.

Ages: 12 & Up (Grade 6 & Ups)

Thursday evenings: 7:15 p. m – 9:15 p. m

September 12, 2023 - May 14th, 2023


Class Pricing:

28 Weeks of Dance

2 Hours of Dance for 32 Weeks

$6.25 x 64 hours of dance = $400.00


This class will primarily focus on street dance performance, events, and competitions throughout the year. Students will explore different types of hip-hop styles that include, Street Dance, Free-styling, and Lyrical Hip-Hop. This class is designed for INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCE DANCERS. Dancers will performing their dance that they have learn throughout the year at our year end show May 2024.


Join the Movement!

The Start-Ups (Ages 12 & Up)

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